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One Man's Music Machine, born of the back-to-back releases of his first two albums, has quickly gained a solid following in today's independent music scene.

Born and raised in Boston, MA, after graduating with a bachelor's degree in film music from Berklee College of Music, Boston MA. His band Code Anchor toured extensively in the country from 2005 to 2009, releasing two albums, a series of singles and an EP. He has also played extensively in the Bay Area, making appearances from Plymouth to Back Bay. His memorable stops included Warped Tour, headlining the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Music Festival and the New York City Jazz Festival.

The appeal of stomping is listening to live bands, but no matter what, I could always listen to a band and shout at anyone who was involved with me.

Starting with the guitar at the age of five, George Patmas "passion for music and guitar has accompanied him throughout his life. When he picked up the guitar at the age of seven and went on tour at the age of 15, he quickly learned that music was his true passion in life and he has been playing ever since.

It did not take long, however, before he found his first love for music, when he began teaching guitar and bass guitar at the School of Rock in the South Bay.

Ryan wanted to start a new music business and left Code Anchor and moved to Los Angeles in 2009. In 2010, he packed his bags and went on a cross-country tour, landing at the University of California, Santa Cruz, to continue his passion for music and rugby.

Inspired by Top 40 and indie rock alike, Aaron discovered his passion for making music and leading a cappella groups and performing at the open mic. His favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Costello and Don Henley, but he can also be proud of his sheet music. The loudest is Eddie from Showmen, Dick Dale from Thunder Balboa and his favourite song is "Loud" from Eddie and the Showman.

The young band from South Bay continued to play moose and became popular over time, and soon they were beating the odds at the newly opened Bel Air Club, named after them and which had their largest audience.

Unfortunately, the original surfing scene was largely congested, but the new scene flourished, with thousands of bands currently performing worldwide. He studied music at the University of San Diego and holds a bachelor's degree in music from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a master's degree in music education from California State University, Long Beach, and he is the lead singer, guitarist and bassist of the band as well as co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Surf Club. They continued to play, never gave up, and have performed at the Bel Air Club and many other locations in the South Bay for over 30 years.

He has also worked with Bret Bollinger, the frontman, who has provided him with a great network of studios and musicians.

George likes to teach "The Ways of the Fretboard," an expanded range of guitars, including seven- and eight-string guitars. There is a wide variety of skills on guitar, bass and bass, as well as drums, piano, percussion, guitar solos, drums and more. Patrick is the manager of Tomorrow's Bad Seeds and still plays with other bands, such as the New York City Symphony Orchestra. After studying at California State University in Long Beach, Matt brings a wide range of knowledge to his students.

He attributes blues and rock'n "roll as his most important influences, but enjoys playing all genres, including jazz, funk, country and folk. Musically, he is inspired by the way reggae calmed the souls of his audience. Marley accompanied the artist, which gave him the ability to play with vibes, energy and full presence in time.

He also plans to start a gypsy jazz band in Los Angeles and record an instrumental solo album. Evan plays lead guitar and can't wait to share his love of music with his friends and family, as well as other musicians in the area. Sometimes he prefers to play the piano, where he performs in front of an audience, but he does not behave like that. Matt plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, cello, harmonica, trumpet, saxophone, piano and vocals.

Sam Riddle was one of the first to play on Los Angeles radio station KRLA, and it quickly became a big regional hit as it neared the top 10. LPs by Wray, who has teamed up with the likes of Dwayne "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Johnson and Duane Anderson. The recordings of curls and pearls demanded the right soundtrack, so he mixed them together in his studio.

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